Cape Town

I spent the last 5 months in Cape Town, South Africa working. It has been an amazing experience. I worked with Suit Supply, Savana Cider, My TFG World, Wavebreak, FCB Africa and Runway Sales. I also had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Amar Metha, Willam Lee, Bettel, Larochelle Pieterse, Julian Kreohl, Georg Kruggel, Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann, Pheonix Jergens and Mark Lyne. If you have never been to South Africa, I suggest you make a trip to the Mother City. It’s such a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. Thank you to Contact Model Management for taking care of me.

“Lead Right” first film review

Lead Rights first film review is courtesy of Bold Films (No Escape, Nightcrawler, Whiplash, Legion, Drive, Stronger and currently Vox Lux).

A great concept as it exemplifies the struggles and risks boxers may face especially when it comes to providing for their family. A lot of emotions were shown and impressively executed through each actor’s performance. I could feel Dustin’s pain and Micky had me at the edge of my seat.
The opening scene had creative transitions and immediately grasped my attention. Job well done on Dustin’s wounds as it looked VERY real and painful! Overall, this film was entertaining and a great first run. It left me wanting more!

Bold Films

“Ira” film chosen for the 51st Sitges Film Festival

Congratulations to the film Ira for being an official selection for the Noves Visions – Petit Format at the 51st Sitges Film Festival in Spain. This will be its World premier also. I’m honored to be part of this film and had a great time working on this project. Ira is created and directed by Nikki Bohm.


After discovering two dead bodies in a Motel room, a panicked Man strikes a deal with the Devil to find out the truth. Through a horrifying ritual, the Man learns this truth and ends up paying more than he bargained for.

Check out the trailer: