Street thug-turned athletic All-Star, now Actor, International Male Model, Motivational Speaker and Filmmaker. Devonric also known as DD, was born in prison to a drug addicted mother. He grew up homeless and lived on the streets in his early years. With the help of football and a school mate, he turned his life around and changed his focus to academics and athletics.
After playing Division 1 college football, graduating from Southern Methodist University and suffering a career ending injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, he used his good looks and charm to become a male model/actor. He is best known for the films American Exit and Scumbag and has been seen on HBO’s Ray Donovan and SYFY’s Robot Combat League. Devonric also has worked in commercials and print ads for JCPennys, Macy’s, Nike and Chevrolet and walked the runway at NY Fashion Week.
Devonric’s success inspired him to start a non-profit, Brothers By Choice, and he tours the country talking to at-risk youth, hoping his story will help them turn their lives around. He is driven by being an entertainment entrepreneur and helping those in need.